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“She has found something that really lights her up.” Sophia Pineda brings color to life’s canvas.

The 19-year-old from Fredericksburg is painting right over her obstacles. Sophia was born with Down Syndrome and half a heart, but it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her passion with a paintbrush. Growing in demand, the artist’s work is reaching new heights. Now Sophia is going big by helping paint the city’s largest public mural.

On assignment for WTVR CBS 6 News. 

Pseudostar is an experimental essay film that follows the internal dialogue from a constant paranoia of the sun exploding. From youth to adulthood, the filmmaker realizes how the sun, the world, and her own reflection can be both feared and loved, terrifying and beautiful.

Film by Enza Marcy

Words by Angie Zhao, Enza Marcy

Sound by Juan Harmon, Enza Marcy

Special thanks to my mom, Suzanne, Chase Ober Huamani, Rose Rea, Mary Beth Reed

2021, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Richmond, VA

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